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Application Process

All International students are required to read the rules and guidelines to ensure all information is complete and frank. There are essentially three (3) basic steps to the application process:
Below is a sample estimate of a typical student studying at UNIVERSAL COLLEGE:

STEP A: Submission of Documents

International students are advised to read the requirements for admission carefully and ensure all information submitted is complete.
1. Obtain an International Application Form from UNIVERSAL International Office, UNIVERSAL International Agent or click here to download.
2. Complete the form and attach the following documents:

International students applying from country of origin (New applicants)

  • 8 recent passport sized photographs (4cm X 5.5cm) with name and passport number written on the reverse side;
  • Certified true copies of all academic qualifications;
  • One (1) full set of photocopy of your passport – include all pages, including blank pages. (The passport must have a validity period of at least 12 months);
  • English translations of all documents submitted; and
  • Completed Medical Report

International students applying within Malaysia (Transfer student)

  • The offer letter will be issued by Universal College;
  • Request for the following documents from recent college/ institution and ensure that all documents are CERTIFIED TRUE COPIES by the college/ institution;
  • Release letter;
  • Attendance record;
  • Result slip or academic transcripts or certificates.

3. Please write student name, passport and contact number at the reverse side of the cheque, bank draft or telegraphic transfer slip.

STEP B: Letter of Acceptance

Upon receipt of the application form, required fees and relevant supporting documents, as explained above, Universal College will post and email a copy of the Letter of Acceptance to the students if the International Student meets the entry requirements.
Universal International Student Department will submit the documents to the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education and Malaysian Immigration Department to begin processing the Visa Approval Application.
This process will take approximately 6-8 weeks.

STEP C: Visa Approval Letter

When Universal International Office has received the required fees i.e. have been credited into Universal College’s bank account via Telegraphic Transfer or Bank Draft, it will courier the original Letter of Acceptance and the Original Visa Approval Letter to the eligible international student.

*It is the prerogative and responsibility of the international student to check with the Malaysian Embassy in the respective home/ source country with regards special requirements or visa requirements before coming into Malaysia. For example, the international student may need to apply for Single Entry Visa to enter into Malaysia, in order to avoid a fine.
*Students from Africa are required to take the necessary inoculations, particularly against the Yellow Fever Vaccination before coming into Malaysia. Students are advised to carry along the Medical Certificate for verification by the Malaysian Immigration Department

Pre-Arrival Procedure

STEP A: In-Home Country

International student MUST provide Universal International Office with the following information by fax attention to “Universal International Office” or email to the respective campus at least 10 days before departure:
o Date of Arrival
o Time of Arrival
o Flight name and number
o Airport name i.e. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).