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Is Universal College approved by Ministry of Education and Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA)?

Yes, The registration number is KP (JPS 5195/IPTS). Quality assurance is guaranteed since the inspection is being conducted regularly.

Are the programmes approved by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA)?

Yes, All our programmes are approved by MQA.

How many students of Universal College get financial aids?

There are 98% of our students gets financial aid, in the form of a study loan. The financial assistance provides are PTPTN loan and other as well.

Can I afford to pursue my studies in Universal College?

Regardless of the higher education fees among the private colleges, our fees are very affordable to all potential students. Furthermore, our students are mostly come from middle-class income family.

What are the facilities provided to students in the college?

There are facilities provided such as computer laboratories, library, internet hotspot, and air-condition in all the lecture rooms.

Is the hostel provided to students?

Yes, We provide hostel facilities to our students whom are outside of Serdang.

is the Public transport is available near by the Universal College?

The SERDANG Komuter train station is situated close proximity to our college. It takes ONLY 15 minutes’ to the College. Furthermore, the public bus or cab also available from Komuter (KTM) Station to the Mines Shopping Mall (College Universal) Serdang City to Hostel/ from hostel to Serdang city.

How to apply if I want to further my studies in Universal College?

The application can be done by on-line application through official college website or manual application and submit the application to our Student Recruitment Department or at the main office of the college.

When the registration for new intake will be opened?

The new registration is open for September, October, and December intake.